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Profile pageFamiljenpeterson

Posted by pythonpsycho1337 Wed, June 29, 2016 23:47:57

Just added a profile page to the website. Now people can check out information about the members of the website. This information includes Name, Last Login and register date. Members can also change their profile picture to whatever they like.

To check out my profile(Or others by searching in the search bar) click this link:

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Minecraft for androidMobile development

Posted by pythonpsycho1337 Sun, June 12, 2016 22:58:56

Just uploaded an Minecraft App to the website for all the minecraft fans out there. This application is basically the original minecraft game but for your phone(With less features). Enjoy playing it with your friends over wifi! :D

Link: Minecraft.apk

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Frontpage and login systemFamiljenpeterson

Posted by pythonpsycho1337 Sun, September 27, 2015 01:49:45

The frontpage has been updated(minor buggfix with facebook text and link descriptions) and a very basic login system has been added!
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More qoutesFamiljenpeterson

Posted by pythonpsycho1337 Fri, March 27, 2015 00:09:23

Well as the title says..
More quotes have been added!
See them at the front page!

Time and moralityThoughts

Posted by pythonpsycho1337 Mon, January 19, 2015 22:47:24

We are put in place where time is something invented and the space we live in is an illusion. Living is like sitting in a boat riding down a river of time. We can’t go back and change our decisions because trying to swim upwards would make us drown. But why are placed in this boat in the middle of nowhere, placed on different parts of the flood with no indications of where to go. People become paranoid and try to find whatever solution they can find. But what if we were actually placed here with a reason? But why would we be here? To be tested? If a god loved us, wouldn’t he make sure everyone got fetched to the gates of heaven? Why would he look down on homosexuals or people committing crimes? It’s in out nature to try to survive, even if that craves that we do unmorally things. And being a homosexual, is that really a choice? Homosexuality can be found in other species than humans. It’s thus seems to be more of a genetic disorder than a mental one. If it was a mental disorder depending on choices and feelings, wouldn’t that also mean animals have souls?

The deeper you dig in these types of questions the more they seem to not make sense. Maybe religions exist to be able to control masses of unthinking people. Or maybe they exist to manipulate people to make the top leaders richer. Sometimes religion actually seems nice, but knowing that a possibility exist that people only treat you well because they believe it will be beneficial for themselves makes me lose faith in humanity. Why can’t we be nice to each other without getting some sort of benefit from it? We are placed on this planet traveling insanely fast in space. We could easily be dead within milliseconds if something hit us. But instead of treating each other well or instead of cooperating to explore space, we kill each other. I’m not saying that people are evil, I’m only saying that I wish they were more open minded and would be able to question their authorities.

Solar system simulatorFamiljenpeterson

Posted by pythonpsycho1337 Sat, November 08, 2014 17:46:50

A solar system simulator has been added to the site. The simulator features four different planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars orbiting the sun. The simulator takes the planets' diameters and speeds into account. It was programmed using CSS and HTML.

Menu designFamiljenpeterson

Posted by pythonpsycho1337 Sat, April 05, 2014 16:51:10

The design of the gameselection page has been configurated to suit the page theme better. See it downbelow:

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The next project will be to connect the database to the webscript.


Posted by pythonpsycho1337 Sat, March 01, 2014 15:02:37

The website just got a quote-generator, check it out here.
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