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Port scanner

Python programmingPosted by pythonpsycho1337 Sat, December 21, 2013 22:57:00
Have you ever dreamt about scanning your ports like Neo in the movie "Matrix"? Then download this rather fast and "easy to use" portscanner(For windows only)! With information about open ports, you could later on do further researches.



This is a easy to use portscanner for windows machines. Use it to scan which of your ports are open.

To do a quick scan, just start the Scan.exe program.

If you want to specify the ports to be scanned follow this steps.

1: Make sure you have unziped the folder.

2: Open command prompt and naigate into the folder using "cd".

3: Write "Scan.exe localhost 0 100" replasing 0 with the start port and 100 with the stop port.

4: Lean back and wait for the reslults

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Enjoy :)

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